One cannot imagine a world without trees. Without trees, there will not be clean air to breathe. Without forests, larger parts of the soil surface will erode every year, there will be landslides regularly and folds will rise even when there will be less amount of rainfall. This is exactly what has been going on for years.

Humans have been cutting trees since ancient times for building purposes like houses, furniture and weapons. Trees are very important for human survival. Its wood is used for shelter like fuel and for providing nourishments.

However, the forests of old times were not diminished as they are nowadays. The question is that why our forests are without plenty of trees, how did that happen and why deforestation happens. Following are three main factors that result in the reduction if tree growth in forests.

Growth of population
The forests have been erratically cut down for serving the increasing population of humans. The demand for more land space for commercial centers, manufacturing plants and building houses is increasing. This doesn’t end here; trees are still being used for paper products. The demand for more products has increased the demand for tree which led logging companies to scramble for satisfying the market.

The deforestation threat has been basically brought about by the following factors: carbon capture

– Cash crops development and ranching of cattle, both are a source of earning money for tropical countries.
– Converting forests and woodlands into agricultural lands for the purpose of feeding the increasing number of humans.
– The factor of commercial logging which supplies the international market with woods like teak, meranti, ebony and mahogany. It eliminates trees and also opens forests for agriculture
– Cutting down trees for obtaining firewood and building material, for fodder and for heavy use of seedlings by domesticated animals such as goats.
Corporate inattention
Even though the logging companies cut down hundreds of trees every hour and clear land each day. Deforestation would still have not happened if they had planted new trees in the place of the cut down trees. Unluckily, when the logging industry was booming in the 80s, there was little effort by the government and private sectors to protect the forests.

Once the faults of their ways were realized, the logging companies have given money and time to rebuild forests for the coming generations. These efforts of reforestation have saved many bare areas. Growth of tree seedlings might be slow and it can take many more years or so before seeing large and strong trees standing again. At least what was taken will now be replaced.

Human faults
There are times when deforestation occurs as an accident because of natural calamities like volcanic eruptions that can wipe out large areas of forestation in a matter of hours. However, there are instances that human faults and not natural events are the cause of deforestation. There are examples of forest fires which can be caused by cigarette butts and can wipe out trees and animals in just a matter of few hours.

Positive news
There is still hope through the attempts of many environmentalists, conservation and reforestations that have brought back the life of forests. Besides this, the digitalization of storing and sharing information has decreased of requirement of paper use.

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