Facebook users continue to grow but at the same time, some are no longer happy with the platform that they decided to remove their accounts for good. Any user is free to do so, but you need to learn the proper steps to ensure that all your information is removed from the site.

Facebook offers its users two options with regards to their personal accounts. They can simply deactivate their account or permanently delete it. Deactivating an account means you can still restore it at a later time while deleting an account means everything attached to your profile including photos will be removed from the site permanently.

Take note, however, that it will take 90 days before your account will be removed from Facebook for good. While this process is being undertaken, your information will no longer be accessed by people using the platform.

How to Delete an Account on Facebook

The very first thing you need to do before you delete your personal Facebook profile is to save your data. If you’ve been using the platform for years, it will be worth your time to save all your data posted on the site. You don’t have to manually do this, though, because Facebook makes it easy for you.

On your profile page, click that small down arrow on the top right and choose Settings. While on your General Account Settings page, you will see below a link that says Download a copy of your Facebook data. Click the link to retrieve all your information and then save it on your computer or mobile device. This will be your backup as you will no longer have access to it once you delete your Facebook account.

If you want to save only a few information, though, you can manually save them on a word document. For photos, you can download them by clicking Options at the bottom of each photo and then choosing the Download option from the dropdown menu. Follow the prompts to start the download. buy facebook accounts

You may also want to manually delete your past actions or history such as comments you have made to ensure they are gone immediately while Facebook is still processing the deletion of your account which can take up to two weeks. You can do this via the Activity Log.

Again, click the small down arrow from the top right of the page then choose Activity Log from the dropdown menu. On the left column, you can choose from the list of posts you want to remove such as your posts, posts you’re tagged in, posts by others and posts you’ve hidden. Then manually delete each of those you want removed. You can also delete your photos, likes, pages and interests and comments.


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